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Brendalee and Jimmie’s Desire Portrait Session

Brendalee contacted me last year to schedule a Desire Portrait session but due to many attempts we were not able to pin down a date until recently.  Her friend Jimmie was in town from Tennessee so she wanted to surprise and treat her to a session as well.  I am posting some before and after photos of each Brendalee and Jimmie.  Of course we all had great fun and the pictures turned out wonderful.

Brendalee before-after copy web

Jimmie before_after copy web

Desire Portraits-Before and After

I have posted a short video of some “Before and After” shots of my Desire Portrait sessions. This is just the beginning of a wonderful experience for these lovely women. After she arrives and get her “before” picture taken there is time for pampering with hair and makeup, then after the beautiful transformation the photo session begins. During the session I work with her to feel comfortable, confident along with full direction on posing. These sessions are amazing! With every session I do, I can see a progressive change in how she feels about herself by exuding confidence and knowing she IS special and beautiful. If this is something you have been thinking of doing for yourself, please contact me so we can talk about what I can do to create a session just for you.

Desire Portrait Session with Ruth

Ruth booked a Desire Portrait session with me to give to her husband an album of her beautiful photos on their anniversary.  From the beginning I praised her for taking the step to book this session.  I hear so many women say “I have always wanted to do a session like this but…….”  and then comes the excuses.  They will say, I’m too fat, need to lose 10 lbs or more, too old,  I’m not sexy etc. etc.  None of these things matter.  All women are beautiful and a session like this should be on every woman’s bucket list, no matter what.  These sessions a styled specific to you and what You are wanting and fits our comfort level.  You get professional hair and makeup and I will guide you with posing and lighting that will reveal your inner and outer beauty.  So yes, I praised Ruth for braving these excuses and fears and did this for her husband but I have to say every women I have photographed have had an amazing experience.  I can’t tell you how exhilarating it is for me to see how these women blossom and become a beautiful powerful woman before my eyes.  Whew! I love it!

I am posting  before and after pictures of Ruth as an example.  I hope you can really see for yourself what a beautiful and powerful women Ruth reveals in her after photo.Boudoir session-Desire Portraits by Karen Wolfe Photography


Desire Portrait Session with Alexis

Alexis booked a “Desire Portrait” session because she wanted to give her loving man some beautiful pictures of herself for his birthday.  Like all of my clients, she was excited but a bit nervous at the start of the session about knowing what to do.  No need because I was able to guide her throughout the session with posing and expression.  Alexis is a gorgeous woman and it was a privilege to capture her beauty and unique personality.  Alexis ordered an album of her most favorite images to give as his present.  What a great gift!  Of course, the top left photo is the before photo taken when she arrived for the session.

Desire Portrait_Karen Wolfe Photography


Here a couple beauty headshots of the lovely Susan. Glamor beauty shots-Karen Wolfe Photography

Behind the Scenes video of Desire Portrait session-Glam the Dress

Okay I can’t wait any longer. I am posting the “behind the scenes” video of Susan’s Glam the Dress Desire Portrait session. Please feel free to comment.

The Red Dress

I have just finished a couture Red Dress that I plan to use in my Desire Portrait sessions. How fun! Lots of material to swish, twirl and just look beautiful wearing. I can’t wait to use this dress in my next session.Desire portrait-Boudoir/Glamor sessions red dress

Sue Bryce has a Wonderful story of a Beautiful and Courageous Woman

Kristi’s Desire Portrait session-Before and After photos-Glamour/Boudoir Photographer

Kristi scheduled a Desire Portrait(glamour/boudoir)session so she would have a wonderful gift for her husband to be. The wedding is to be this coming summer and her beautiful photos in a custom designed album will be the perfect way to surprise her fiance. SHH, it is a surprise so don’t tell him. These sessions are one of my favorites to photograph. It is such a thrill for me to be part of capturing the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Of course, I have to mention that the beautiful makeup was done by the very talented Nicol Wulkowicz. I have to say, I could not do these sessions without her. Nicol is so nice and easy to work with plus I am so lucky to have her live just down the street from me. I highly recommend her for any need you may have to look just gorgeous at any event. There are quite a few wonderful photos from Kristi’s photo session but it is always so fun to see the “before and after” photos to start.

Desire Portrait before and after photos-Karen Wolfe PHotography

CHIC Magazine cover entry

I decided to enter the picture I took of beautiful Nicol for the cover of CHIC Magazine. I have my fingers crossed to win or get an honorable mention. Nicol"s fashion session beauty photo-Karen Wolfe Photography