Monthly Archives: July 2012

CHIC Magazine cover entry

I decided to enter the picture I took of beautiful Nicol for the cover of CHIC Magazine. I have my fingers crossed to win or get an honorable mention. Nicol"s fashion session beauty photo-Karen Wolfe Photography

My New Mini Top Hat-Bonney Lake Children’s photographer

I made this mini top hat and was finally able to use it during a recent photo session. It was a bit time consuming to make but I think it turned out really cool. I may even consider making more hats to sell if there is any interest. This photo, from the session, of this adorable little girl with a beautiful face I think really showcases my hat.
My New Mini Top Hat by Bonney Lake Photographer -Karen Wolfe Photography

My Photo on the Cover of Bonney Lake 2012 Business Guide

The new 2012 Bonney Lake Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Guide is now out for distribution. I am excited because my photo is on the cover. Yeah! I also took many of the photos included within the publication. I feel so honored to have been asked to do this for the Chamber.
Bonney Lake 2012 Business guide cover taken by Karen Wolfe Photography

Do You Want Some Strawberries?-Bonney Lake Children’s photographer

Do you want some strawberries? It is summertime at last and there are wonderful strawberries in season. Mia and I had so much fun doing different photos and this one is her holding some strawberries. I love using the color red in my photos because it really catches your eye. How better to use the color red in the summertime but by including some strawberries. She was so good about holding them so I could also see her red shoes in the background.
Mia is such good little model and a joy to photograph.
Summer Strawberries-Bonney Lake Children's Photographer-Karen Wolfe Photography

Little Brother and Big Sister-Bonney Lake Children Photographer

I was privileged to photography little Tevin at 7 days old and now I got to photograph him again with his big sister Mia. SHe is so loving to him and is very comfortable with grabbing him away from mom to hold and kiss him. Little Tevin did not mind the attention either. It appears Mia will be a wonderful big sister to her little brother by giving him her love. It was so great to watch her with him.

Little brother and big sister by Bonney Lake photographer Karen Wolfe Photographer

Little Brother and Big Sister

Fashion/Beauty Photography with Danielle

Danielle is the sister of my makeup artist Nicol. She was also part of the Fashion/Beauty session with Nicol. I just had to post some of her beautiful pictures as well.

Fashion/beauty photo session by Karen Wolfe Photography

Beauty Portraits

Nicol is a very talented makeup artist I use for my beauty/boudoir and high school girl senior clients. We decided to have some fun and set up a beauty/fashion photo session along with her sister. Nicol applied the makeup and her sister Danielle did hair. We had a great time styling the session using lots of jewelry and clothes changes. I think every woman is beautiful and I love capturing that beauty. It certainly is not hard with Nicol’s talent as a makeup artist. Here are few photos of beautiful Nicol taken during that session.Beauty/Fashion portrait session by Bonney Lake Boudoir photographer Karen Wolfe Photography