Monthly Archives: June 2010

Fairy Princess Kendra and Tayten

I offered my Special Limited Enchantment portrait sessions last week and this is an example of two beautiful fairy princesses. These sessions are always so much fun and it was no exception for fairy princess Kendra and Tayten. To create these images does take a lot of work in Photoshop, but it is worth it.

Peek-a-Boo I don’t See You

The picture tells it all.

Bride and Groom on a SUNNY Day Stroll

Wow, is this rare. When will the rain stop.

No Faces?

I love expressing a feeling through photographing parts of the body, like hands feet etc. I often get more reactions from these type of photos.
Whether it is a family(feet) portrait for baby’s first year, an engagement photo showing the matching jeans, a couple stealing a kiss on a wooden walkway,
or showing off the wedding shoes. These photos still show emotion and personality.


I was photographing a wedding and I saw these two beautiful sisters. I asked them to hold a fan(which was offered to the guests) up so I could see only their eyes.
They thought that would be fun. I love this shot!

Jaclyn and Tyler’s Wedding Day

Jaclyn and Tyler got married on May 29th in Sumner and the reception was at Swiss Park. The weather wasn’t great but it was better than the day before when it was pouring rain.
The guys were a lot o fun to photograph especially when I layed on the wet grass and had them get in a circle around me. All turned out well for their wedding day.
I wish Jaclyn and Tyler all the best.