Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lina and Eric

What a beautiful day it turned out to be for Lina and Eric’s wedding day in Maple Valley. Lina wore her Mother’s wedding dress which was gorgeous, and it did not even need to be altered. They are such a wonderful couple. It was a pleasure to photograph them and capture their love for each other. Soon they will be going to Japan to have a traditional Japanese ceremony as well. I wish I could be there too. Best to you Lna and Eric!

I like Engagement Sessions

I do like engagement sessions but I like all my other session too.

I just wanted to post a few of my engagements photos that I really like.
Unforturnately this old truck is no more. They moved it away. I was so disappointed when I saw it was gone.
I want to find another one or hopefully purchase an old truck as a prop. It is always a pleasure to photograph
a couples love in fun and unique ways.

Zara has Arrived!

Beautiful Zara was born the end of April. Her parents are so proud of their precious bundle. She was quite the little model for her first pictures.